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learning how to be a good sissy

32 minute(s), 28 second(s)   |   2022-11-27

I was shopping for my dog in the local pet store when i noticed a long haired girl with a nice ass on a ladder stocking shelves. I was staring and imagine my surprise when she turned around and it was a dude! I was shocked but still strangely turned on and so I made my move. I asked him if he ever dreamed of being a girl and getting dicked down. He said yes and a friendship was born! I slowly feminized her and trained her to be a good girl. This is one of my favorite sessions where I dressed her in something super cute, did her hair and makeup, and shaved her smooth from head to toe. Then she got to work on my hard cock and watching her struggle to take it turned me on even more! Then it was on to anal as I dicked her down bareback and she really really loved it. Being a submissive sissy slut definitely suits Peebles!

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